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HIGH-TECH CLIMA is a construction company that provides HVAC, plumbing, sprinkler systems, electrical works and BMS Services to commercial facilities owners and acts as a self-performing M&E industrial general contractor at process plants, logistic parks, commercial offices, buildings and malls / supermarkets.

Our project teams are made by skilled people that have the ability to plan and execute challenging projects that result in a loyal costumer following, as the projects have proven.

Over the past 7 years, we have expended our business from a dozen plumbers to over 80 employees with whom we completed in time honoring our jobs all around Romania and Bulgaria.

We have grown on the industrial and commercial construction markets and invested in our fabrication facility so that our company would have an edge in this industry.


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High Tech Clima Team

HIGH TECH CLIMA SRL was founded in 2004 by Mel Hagai and Paul Marinescu.
  • It is the main company of a group built to deliver products and services for the electromechanical works in the civil and industrial buildings.
  • The field of activity was set up for social and commercial buildings but starting with 2008 we are also working in the residential area.
  • Both owners have a long experience in the area of HVAC and electrical field.
  • The company had a Quality Management System implemented and is maintaining it according to the SR EN ISO 9001:2000 standard requirements and is certified by SRAC.
  • We have an in-house design department for processing the designs of our customers and adapting them to the site reality.
HIGH TECH CLIMA SRL has an important number of very skilled people:
  • 6 engineers in the tendering and project completition department;
  • 3 engineers in production design ;
  • 5 site project managers;
  • 1 ACAD tehnician;
  • 4 engineers in purchasing, delivery, storage products;
  • 100 workers out of which 75 are high skilled;
  • 2 storage keepers;
  • 35 trucks, vans and company cars;
  • 1000 sqm of storage in pre assembly area in Bucharest;
  • 500 sqm of offices.


HIGH TECH CLIMA SRL has a very good reputation on the market for it's commitment to quality and time schedule. The experience in HVAC of the entire team is an essential gain for the beneficiaries, as all the projects are revised before starting the execution. All the technical improvements that can be done during the works are shared with the clients for their benefit.

Most of the projects done by us are "turnkey" projects with fixed budgets so clients are having a very realistic picture of what are the costs. The engineers have a good co-operation and understanding of the requirements and quality expected, being on the same level as the jobs managed by foreign investors. Terms and conditions of site use.

Our projects: